For the Information of Competitors

Following many requests for information regarding judging criteria the following Notes have
been prepared as a guide as to how the models are judged and the maximum number of points
allotted to each of the following aspects.

(maximum 50 points).
Evaluation of the technical execution and quality of the model, accuracy of the shape,
appearance of the surfaces and colour.

(maximum 10 points).
Evaluation of the general impression and the appearance of the model.

Amount of Work Involved: 
(maximum 20 points).
Evaluation of the total extent of work for the model. Reconstructions and additions are to
be considered positively. Attention is to be paid to the complexity of the work with
consideration of the degree of difficulty.

Accordance with the construction documents:
(maximum 20 points)
The accuracy of scale will be examined,  completeness of all details, according to the
documents which were at the disposal of the model maker. Examination of the correct
choice of the colours and likewise the natural impression of unpainted materials such as
wood, metal, cordage, etc.