Guest of Honour 2015
Glynn Guest
Glynn has been building models of all types since he was old enough to know which end of a tube of
glue to squeeze. He started with small flying models, working up through single channel (barely
controlled!) models and nowadays still flies r/c planes, but expects to return from the flying field with
the aircraft more or less intact, unless stuck up a tree!
In the 1960's, as did many other young boys, he built many Airfix kits, but it was a school friend who
got him interested in model boats. They seemed to last longer than his single channel controlled
aircraft models, so immediately had a positive attraction for Glynn.
The first model boat plan was for the US Navy destroyer D.D. Harriman that Glynn submitted when
Vic Smeed was the Editor of Model Boats. Vic didn't bin it and that plan was first published in
November 1976. With Vic's encouragement, more model plans were published and this happy
relationship continued with John Cundell as Editor and since 2007 with Paul Freshney. So, Glynn
has been designing model boats now for nearly 40 years and currently he creates three Free Plans
each year, accompanied by comprehensive construction articles as well as from time to time a
Feature Plan, the last of which was for HMS Goliath, a semi-scale aircraft carrier that has been very
well received.
Glynn always endeavours to gain additional experience with each new model design and try out a
new innovative idea on it. Luckily for Glynn (and us!) his science and engineering background
means he is able to solve problems whenever those ideas don't always quite workout as planned.
He is still today designing and building new Free Plan models as well as pursuing his other passion
of model flying and has numerous ideas for new radio controlled model boats for the future.
Paul Freshney - April 2014
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