Welcome our friendly Club, run and enjoyed by an enthusiastic group of model boat builders, buyers, and sailors of a wide range of craft.  All types of boat are encouraged - except those powered by internal combustion – and not just “scale” models.

So, if you can build a fully-rigged sailing ship, or bought the latest “ready to sail” model from the Hobby Shop – you will be welcome.                                                 
With the landmark Rivington Pike as our background, our sailing pond is situated down Squirrel Lane, Horwich, Greater Manchester,  and Junction 6 of the M61 Motorway, then the A673 northbound, will take you to our sailing water, which is close to Post Code BL6 7RR. (note: this code relates to a farm in Squirrel Lane - continue to the gate on the left)

Car access is through a gate which is unlocked by a key presented to Members only.  Visitors are welcome, via a public track down to the pond.  The water is shared with a local Fishing Club, and boat sailing days are Wednesday and Sunday.  The water is not available for boats on any other day.

Sailing generally takes place between 10am - 3pm